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Everything You Need To Know About Your Oil Filter

Oil filters are the silent heroes of your bike keeping your engine running smoothly. Without them or failing to look after them can result in a whole lot of problems for your bike. To make sure your oil filter is keeping things in order we’ve put together a quick little guide. If you’re looking to replace yours, browse our range of motorcycle oil filters Australia wide shipping available.

The role of an oil filter

Oil filters are a crucial part of your bike. Without them, your engine can be seriously damaged by dirt dust and debris in your bike’s oil. Without a good oil filter your engine can quickly deteriorate and you could risk accident or injury while riding. Your engine needs to be lubricated by oil to stay working safely. The oil that passes through your engine picks up small particles every time you ride it. This can come from dirt or dust outdoors. Your oil passes through the filter, which collects all the unwanted particles, making your oil safe to pass back through your engine.

How to choose your filter

When choosing the perfect oil filter for your bike, or looking to upgrade there's a few things you need to keep in mind. The main purpose of your filter will be to keep your oil clean, thus your engine running smoothly, and in turn, you safe. This is why when picking a filter you don’t want one that cuts corners. Look for certified safe filters that will fit well with your bike, engine, and oil. Take time to do a little research too. Consider the ways in which you ride your bike, how regularly you ride it, and the sort of terrain you’re riding it on. All of these factors will affect how your filter works and how quickly it deteriorates. If you have any uncertainty get in touch with the experts for some advice on the best fit for your bike. 

When it comes to the specifics look for filters that are able to pick up smaller particles. Most will catch big ones but this could leave smaller bits of dirt in your oil which could be potentially dangerous. Anything that says it will pick up 25-30 micron particles should do the trick. A filter with an anti drain back valve is also important. This prevents any of the debris that have been taken out of your oil from leaking back into it and seriously damaging your engine. A safety relief valve is another mechanism any good filter should have. This means if the filter becomes clogged oil will still be able to pass into your engine. Lastly you need to pick a filter with a high quality base gasket. This is what seals your filter and keeps everything secure.

When to change your filter

Changing your filter is extremely important to ensure that it continues to operate safely and as it should. The more regularly you change or at least maintain your filter the longer your bike and engine will stay in good shape. A bike is a well oiled machine, every little part works together so if your filter is off, this will flow on and affect your whole ride. The more you ride off road the more you’ll need to change your filter. If you notice anything funny with your bike, checking your filter is a great place to start.

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