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Seasonal Dirt Bike Riding Tips: Summer

While your passion for dirt bike riding runs rain hail or shine, there's no doubt that the seasons can affect your riding. As we come into summer and the weather warms up, it’s a perfect time to make sure your bike is in tip top shape, and do any maintenance or repairs. Feel like you’re riding on a brand new bike with suspension kits, parts and pieces, and dirt bike tyres for sale online at Scotty’s Moto we have everything you need. Follow these tips and tricks to make sure you're ready for a great season of riding ahead. 


First things first before you take personal precautions against the heat, or get on the track, make sure your tyres are ready. Obviously tyres cop a beating when it comes to riding, they’re your first point of contact with terrain and wear and tear can quickly deteriorate them. If your wheels are worn or begin to come out of alignment things can quickly go south. Issues with your wheels can turn  into serious safety hazards so it always pays to keep an eye on them. Check your tyres before each ride and ensure everything is secure and inline. If your bike has been neglected or hibernating over the colder (maybe wetter) months and it’s time for new tyres check out our range.

Air Filter

Keeping your air filter clean is extremely important. You should always be checking that it’s not dirty or blocked before riding. Before you start riding through summer check your air filter doesn’t have any build up of dirt, oils, or moisture. If you’re going to be riding around in the sand dunes in summer the sand and salt can quickly ruin an air filter. Your air filter will protect your bike from the elements you put it through it's important to protect it too. Check out our range of air filters here


Just as you need to keep yourself hydrated on long summer rides, you need to make sure your bike has enough of, and the right type of coolant. Overheating is a risk any day but when it’s already 30 degrees or more outside it’s a lot easier. Riding on sand dunes also puts you at a higher risk of overheating. There’s a lot of coolants out there on the market and even ones for specific terrains so make sure you do a little research and get the best for your bike.

Look after yourself too

Now that you’ve done all you can to look after your bike in the warmer weather, it's important to look after yourself. Riding in the sun and heat means you’re at risk of fatiguing a lot faster. Make sure your stopping during rides to rest and refuel. Stay hydrated and look for cooling gear to wear on your rides. Heat stroke could put you in serious danger that just isn’t worth the risk. Enjoy a long and safe summer of riding.

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