Bridgestone AX41


The New Bridgestone Battlax Adventurecross AX41 is Bridgestones new Adventure bike tyre. This tyre has been
designed to work on any type of road and trail you like, even when you go into the unknown. The AX41 adopts
ingenious block design and positioning to ensure on and off road performance, durability and stability.
For the AX41 Bridgestone have designed the tyre dimensions to increase the total amount of blocks on the tyre.
This increases both compound rigidity and strength to ensure the balance between durability and off road performance.
The AX41 calso features Bridgestones “A-IW” technology which helps in reducing the heel and toe wear at the trailing
edge of the block, slowing down block deformation under brakes and acceleration. This new block profile is also
countering the deformation and ensuring the durability of the tyre. As well the off road capabilities the AX41
is also showing great on road performance so you can move from the road to any other terrain safely.