Bridgestone T31


The T31 is primarily for sports touring applications, but it can handle a little gravel.
It is a very grippy tyre offering the rider a lot of confidence in cornering and control under brakes. You will be surprised at the amount of grip you get on the twisty roads, almost like a sports tyre. One of Bridgestones designed briefs for the T31 was excellent wet performance and stability. They achieved this using redesigned water grooves on the side of the tyre to disperse water and less grooving in the center to increase block rigidity. Both front and rear are dual compound. The rear features Bridgestones dual compound “cap and base” were a harder compound rubber is laid under softer shoulder compound to help stability and grip when cornering. They are available in lots of different sizes, with some sizes offered in a 'GT" high load version. The high loads are a great option for 2 up riding or a solo with a lot of luggage.