Complete Engine Rebuild Kit KTM 125 SX

The strange thing about the Wrench Rabbit kits is that they have different brands put together to make a full kit.  You would normally expect to buy a kit with the same brand components included. This is not a bad thing in fact the opposite, why not get the best individual components and make a complete kit. If you have a major engine failure you are properly going to need most of the parts in the kit anyway. Another advantage is you order 1 part and get it all so you can have everything at hand before you start the job.  The only thing not in the kit is the cylinder itself, and valves which you may or may not need. These kits come with Hot Rods complete cranks so there is no need to send you crank off to have the rod kit fitted and cranked trued, this makes the job quicker.

Standard comp Vertex Piston Kit.
Hot Rods heavy duty complet crank with a top bearing for the 2 strokes.
Hot Rods main bearing and crank seal set.
Hot Rods gearbox bearing set and the countershaft collar, seal and sprocket lock washer. 
Hot Rods counter balancer shaft bearing Kit.
Hot Rods water pump kit.
Vertex complete gasket and seal set, inc all the orings and sealing washers.
Hot Cams cam chain.

KTM 125 SX 2003-2015