Diable Rosso Corsa II (DOT)


Pirelli are very proud of their new Diablo Rosso Corsa 2. This tyre uses technology Pirelli gained from experience as the tyre supplier for the world superbike series. The front tyre has a high concentration of 100% Silica in the center and 100% Carbon Black at the sides maximizing grip at lean angles in all weather conditions. For the rear tyre a new combination of compounds has been developed that work on the road and race track. The rear tyre is divided into five zones with three different compounds used to provide the best performance in all environments and lean angles. The center compound is a high silica, shoulder compound is 100% silica and the very side a 100% Carbon Black for extreme grip and control through and out of corners. These compounds also warm up quickly. The profile of the tyres have changed to provide a larger contact patch area for more grip and rider feel. These tyres are not cheap but offer awesome grip and feel for the rider who likes to push the limits, even on the race track.