Dunlop AT81


Dunlop have developed the AT81 range for off road riders and racers who encounter wildly varying terrain over the course of a race or while on a weekend ride. While riding the trials It is not unusual to encounter all types of conditions, from hard packed fire roads, sand,water crossings, mud and loam all in a days ride. Allowing for this varied terrain was the design goal for Dunlop when creating the AT81. Its newly formulated
high wear resistant compound offers enhanced resistance to chipping, tearing and wear.
The AT81 rear tread block shape and pattern help the tyre penetrate down through the surface for extra traction across a broad range of off-road conditions. The R denotes the reinforced options which has a reinforced caucus for high speed usage like desert racing were the tyre will get warmer. This tyre is also available in "Gummy" super soft option, for the 110/100-18 size, Dunlop call this tyre the Enduro Cross.