Dunlop Q3 Plus


The successor to the Dunlop Sportmax Q3, the Sportmax Q3+, offers more longevity on the street and the track plus more grip, stability and steering feel. The Q3+’s new compounds have created a greatly improved tyre. Boasting the same familiar and predictable feel as the Q3, the Q3+ incorporates a new silica enriched center tread compound built into the rear tyre for increased longevity without sacrificing grip. With all of its new compounds, the Sportmax Q3+ offers a better all-around wear balance between the center and sides of the tyre.  These tyres have carbon fiber reinforcement caucus Like the original Q3,s. All the improvements made to the plus contributed to added tyre stability, giving the Q3+ more footprint and more grip at max lean angles.
By delivering more grip and more longevity, the Q3+ should be on the radar of all sports bikes riders.