Dunlop Q4


Dunlop have now released the new Sportsmax Q4. The Q4 is built primarily for the track day rider who needs a street-able, legal tyre. These are not a replacement for the Q3+ rather an addition to the line up. They are like SP2 range of tyres. One of the first things you notice about the Q4 compared to the Q3+ is the fewer water grooves to keep more rubber on the track at lean angles. Although primarily a track day tyre they are still street friendly with adequate wet grip, quick warm up so no need for tyre warmers. The construction of the rear tyre is the same as Dunlop slicks tyres without silica. Front and rear tyres feature Dunlops Carbon fiber and JLT continuous strip technology like the Q3+. If you plan on few track days or have a track bike these tyre should be high on you list.