Dunlop Road Smart 4


Dunlop have now released the new Roadsmart 4. This tyre has increased longevity and mileage and advanced shock absorption technology providing the rider with the smoothest ride in the sports touring market. With enhanced CCT technology, both the heaviness of steering around corners and the stability while riding linear on a winding road is enhanced providing the rider with more responsive handling and feedback. The Progressive Comfort Technology and enhanced shock absorption allows for maximum comfort, preventing unnecessary resistance from the bumps and changing road conditions. the new RoadSmart 4 tyre has been tested rigorously, with results showing their effectiveness in reducing fatigue, giving you the ability to ride uninterrupted for longer periods of time. Grip in wet conditions is longer a concern thanks to the PCL progressive construction and the new Silica X compound technology. The GT version has stiffer sidewall for heavy bikes, 2 up riding and or with luggage.