Full Gasket Kit Honda XR 100

Full Gasket Kit Honda XR/CRF 100


Nothing worse than needing a gasket you don't have to complete a job, Sometimes even if you are just doing a top end job you may need to remove the engine cover to check or change the cam chain, clutch or maybe you drop a parts down in the engine and need to get it back. Athena can help they make all their gaskets in Italy from the best quality materials available. They are an original equipment supplier to many European brand motorcycle manufacturers. For 4 stroke bikes we like to use and supply Athena or OEM gaskets to guarantee the seal and make sure the job only has to be done once. They cost a little more than some other options but the small amount extra is worth the piece of mind. This first gasket kit kit will fit XR 100 1979 to 1991 models and XL 100 1979 to 1985. The second gasket kit will fit all XR 100 and CRF 100 from 1992 to 2013.