Metzeler Karoo Street


Metzelers new Karoo Street is probably a 80% road, 20% off road type tyre. It features a multi radius profile with increased width and overall length of the contour to increase the surface of the footprint area for grip at lean angles. The height of the tread has been increased compared to the Tourance to improve dampening capacity and comfort.
Both front and rear tyre profile follows the same scheme and a similar geometry to ensure a synchronized behavior and feel. The compound is a high silica, carbon black and resin mix to achieve levels of grip the modern adventure rider expects in both wet and dry conditions. The tread looks similar to the Karoo 3 except the gaping is smaller and the blocks are not as big which makes it more suited to road use than the Karoo 3. These are a hard wearing radial tyre (except 21 front) tyre suitable for all size adventure bikes.