Metzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra


The Metzeler Marathon ME 888 Ultra (and the ME880) has been a long time favorite tyre for cruiser riders the world over. Theses tyre are a great long life option for stable riding on cruisers, tourers and custom bikes. To create this long life tyre while still providing great grip Metzeler designers carefully combined the specifications which determine the characteristics of tyres like, profile, structure, tread pattern and compound. The polymers of the rubber compound are abrasion resistant, providing higher resistance
to wear and thus very high mileage. To further increase tire life the transversal water grooves of the tread pattern have bridges in them to tie the tyre tread. This process results in a more solid and stiffer tyre that reduces the stress transmitted to the belts and carcass. These same water grooves have different inclinations to ensure the best water disbursement at all lean angles. Some sizes are available in White wall options.