Metzeler Tourance Next


The Metzeler Tourance Next is mainly a road tyre that can be used on gravel roads, not so much off road tracks. They are about a 90% road 10% off road tyre tyre. The rear is a dual compound tyre with a 40 mm center strip designed for high speed stability and long life. The side 100% silica compound offers great grip at lean angles in all conditions. The tread pattern layout ensures that the full silica compound is available as soon as the
trajectory tips from straight into a lean, providing great confidence and rider feel. The Tourance Next also feature Metzeler interact technology with a three zones variable  belt tension layout, providing a predictable ride and enabling a remarkable sporty capability. The Tourance Next front tyres feature a stiff carcass structure made of rayon fibers ensuring stability, even at high speed, and when fully loaded with luggage and a passenger. Great option for the adventure bike that spend most of its time on road.