Michelin Commander 3


The Michelin Commander has always been about long life now with the new Commander III you get more even more tread life and better wet grip. The new design that enhances wet grip and longevity is possible because of a new 100% silica rubber tread compounds on the front and rear tyres as well as a new profile. This tyres new profile optimises the contact patch for a better pressure on the road surface, regular wear and wet grip, even when carving hard. A new distinctive tread pattern and patented sidewall designs of the Commander 3 tyre look great and will enhance the look of any bike. Strangely Michelin have 2 different versions of the commander 3, 1 is called the Cruiser version (denoted by C in description) the other is called the Touring version( with a T in the description). Generally the Cruiser version fitment is for smaller bikes and Touring fitments are for larger heavy bikes. You can interchange version or even run the Commander 11 with either of the Commander 3 versions. The 2 versions have a different tread pattern and slightly different tread profiles.