Michelin Road 5


The Michelin Road 5 is the latest sports touring tyre offered by Michelin which will replace the ever popular Pilot Road 4. The dual compound Road 5 has Michelin's ACT+ technology which adds a ply to the sidewall of the tyre to increase rigidity in the carcass for exceptional cornering stability and rider feel, The crown of the tyre maintains its flexibility for straight line stability and bump absorption. The Road 5 also features Michelin's new XST sipeing which allows for increased water dispersion as the tyre wears. For the ride this translates to new tyre wet performance throughout the tyres life. These tyres are the best wet grip tyres on the market today and are own biggest seller in the sports touring segment. The GT version is made for heavy bikes, 2 up riding and or luggage. The trail version in adventure bike sizes can handle mild off road use.