Mitas E-07 Plus Adventure Tyre


Mitas have introduced the new E07 plus building on the very popular E07. The development goal was to keep the tyre performance a match for today's more powerful bikes. The main difference is the E07 plus had larger knobs and a wider gap between the knobs. The larger knob design creates open space between the tread blocks to displace sand, mud and water from the tread maintaining a larger contact patch for drive and traction. The E07 plus also has a slightly modified tread pattern to deliver improved off and on road riding performance. If you are tossing up between the E07 and the E07 plus the plus should deliver slightly better off road performance. A Dakar version of these tyres is also available in selected sizes. The Dakar has a firmer carcass and thicker sidewall. The E07 plus is not a replacement for the original E07, just a tyre for different applications. Both types will be available going forward. You can mix front and rear between the E07 and the E07 plus.