Motobatt MBT6N6 6V Battery


Motobatt batteries are specifically engineered for motorcycles and small engine applications, providing superior cranking power and higher amp hour ratings compared to cheaper alternatives. These batteries are built to endure constant starting without draining or damaging the cells.

Using Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology, each battery plate is wrapped in a fibrous glass mat that absorbs all liquid electrolytes while keeping the heavy-duty plates separated in a cushioned environment. This design prevents plate vibration and breakage, which can lead to short circuits and battery failure.

AGM batteries have a much lower self-discharge rate than standard acid-filled batteries. Motobatt batteries can discharge more deeply and recover repeatedly during use or maintenance charging.

As factory-activated batteries, Motobatt batteries come fully charged for optimum performance and are ready to install right out of the box. They can be used in any position and eliminate the need for handling acid, topping up fluid levels, or removing terminal corrosion.

  • Voltage: 6V
  • Capacity (10-hour rate): 6Ah
  • Capacity (20-hour rate): 4Ah
  • Weight: 1.05kg (2.31lbs)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 97 x 56 x 111mm (3.82 x 2.2 x 4.37)
  • Terminal Cable Adaptors: MP6NC4, MP6NC5, MP6NC9, MP6NC10, MP6NC12, MP6NC16
  • Terminals: 2, Wires