Motul 800 2 stroke pre mix oil

Motul 800 2T pre mix oil, 4 ltr


Motul 800 2 stroke oil has been around for many years now and is still the first choice for most of our 2 stroke customers.
It is a 100% ester synthetic which burns completely so you don't get gunk building up in the exhaust system and dripping
out your muffler and muffler join. We often pull down high km 2 stroke engines in the workshop that have been using Motul 800
and you can see the difference the oil makes by how the power valves are silky smooth the engine parts all have that silky
coating on them. Cheaper oils leave a burnt carbon build up on the power valves and piston crown.
We recommend a 50 to 1 mix ratio for all engine sizes. Premix only for TPI KTM,s use Motul 710.