Neken SFH Conical Tapered bars Mid bend.


Neken now offer a unique option for the rider who want to minimize vibration and jarring through the hand. This Tapered SFH bar has all the usual features of the Neken Conical bar with the added Smooth Feeling Handlebar (SFH) design. This works by building a smaller than standard diameter bar at the grip and throttle mount position. The small diameter bar end allows usage of a grip with much thicker rubber. The thicker rubber grip absorbs shock and vibration but the overall outside diameter of the grip doesn't change. This clever design has one “but” and it is that you can not use the standard throttle or standard grips. Neken have made a throttle assembly that fits all late model bikes (not minis) as well as grip options for the SFH rider. These are sold separately. The complete package is still reasonably priced compared to other anti vibration options. This bar (00101) is a Mid bend (YZF) at 90mm high with a 54mm sweep when measured from center to center which is how Pro Taper and Renthal measure their bars.

If you need the throttle reel and grips click here