Pirelli Angel GT 2


Pirelli have introduced the Angel GT2 to build on success of the original Angel GT,s. The new tyre varied rayon core lengths built into the tyre which varies the stiffness of the tyre across the caucus. The mid section of the tyre has a more threads for stability at speed while the sides of the tyre have fewer to increase pressure on the contact patch at lean angles for more wet and dry grip. The front
is a single 100% silica compound used for the wet performance grip silica offers. The rear is a duel compound cap and base tyre were the firmer mid compound rubber under lays the softer side rubber. The tread pattern has changed on front and rear tyres to maximize water evacuation while still maintaining the right amount tread contact patch on the road. The Angel GT2 is also available in the (A) spec version for Heavier motorcycles like the BMW R1200RT, K1600GT and Yamahas FJR1300.