Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV

Pirelli Diablo Rosso 4 is a it replacement for the very popular Diablo Rosso 3. These tyres fit in between the touring tyre (Angel GT) and hypersports tyre (Corsa 2). The New Diablo Rosso 4 tread pattern design features new rubber compound on the outer edge for more grip at lean angles. The water sipe tread cuts has been reduced at the tyres edge areas for more grip at extreme lean angles and less wobble while accelerating out of corners. The centre and side water sipes are also changed for better water evacuation and to improve the tyres feel and rider feedback.

The front  tyre is dual compound with a softer side compound at 35 degree lean angle. It also has a new carcass construction with varied stiffness levels built in depending on the lean angle and braking force. The rear up to 190/55 are also duel compound tyres with a new stiffer carcass. The full silica dual compound rear warms up quickly and offers a significant grip irrespective of lean angle, even in wet conditions. The 190/55 and up rear tyre features a 5 zone layout. This new construction offers the rider more grip and feel at extreme cornering speeds which modern super sports bikes are capable of. The rear also features a 3 wire strand Lyocell structure which considerably reduces deformation of the carcass for smother acceleration and control under heavy braking.  The soft full silica mid compound strip ensures performance and  delivers a safe sporty ride in all weather conditions. 

We only have the 120/70 front along with the 180/55 and 190/55 rear at the moment. The other sizes are due October 2021.