Shinko SR216 Extreme tyre


"The Shinko SR216 (not to be confused with the Golden Tyre named the 216) tyres are made especially for hard Enduro type events. The rear SR216 tyres have a soft flexible carcass that provides a wide footprint and almost swallows up the extreme terrain. The rear tyre comes in 2 versions the MX version which has firmer knobs for more all round use or the SX version (yea I know silly names) which has the same carcass as the MX but softer knobs. The front comes in 3 different sizes 80/100, 90/90 or 90/100 fatty. These 216 front tyres have a taller profile for precise steering on rough terrain. The 80/100 and the 90/100 fatty fronts have a slightly different knob pattern with the fatty featuring a reinforced side knobs for better stability in a variety of terrain. These are FIM approved tyres. They do look like The Golden Tyre 216 range. Made in Korea.