Zeta Gear Shift Lever Kawasaki

Zeta have a unique system of gear lever adjustability. The revolver shift levers have a eccentric mounted tip. To adjust you loosen the mount bolt and rotate the lever tip, it can go forward, back up and down in 6 different positions to suit any rider preference. Once you have found you preferred position we recommend you use Loctite on the tip mount bolt. The Kawasaki levers all have the red tip mount.

The shift arm is made from A2014 forged aluminium for durability and strength. The whole tip end is spring loaded so it fold in a crash. The tip is knurled for extra grip. You can also get replacement tips and replacement tip mounts. 

This lever fit all KX250/450F 2009-2018 KX250/450 2019-2022 and the X version.